Chateau Haut-Bernasse Monbazillac


A gorgeously sweet dessert wine from Bergerac, just north of Bordeaux. Mainly made from the Sémillion grape variety, famous for its ability to become infected with ‘noble rot’. Now, honestly that doesn’t sound great does it? But this is how the world’s greatest sweet wines are made. The grapes are left on the vine and then the grapes start to ‘rot’, which causes them to dry out leaving behind plenty of sugar! This ‘noble rot’ gives the wine a lot more complexity than others, flavours like marmalade, honeycomb, dried apricot, even brown bread and beeswax. You get all of that and more in this 15-year-old dessert wine!

Food Pairing – a classic pairing would be fruit based desserts like apricot tart or peach crumble. If you wanted to go to for something interesting, then try with foie gras or blue cheese!

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