Corofin Meltwater Sauvignon Blanc


We were lucky enough to meet Mike Paterson, the winemaker of the Corofin Meltwater Sauvignon Blanc, in mid 2019. He was over for a few weeks launching his new vintage Pinot Noirs, as a little introduction to the company we were served some of his Sauvignon Blanc along with some goat’s cheese and it BLEW US AWAY! It’s fermented with wild yeasts which provide some extra layers of complexity. A very clean, crisp and ultra-fruity white. Remarkably complex with flavours of lemon, pineapple, apricot, peach and a bit of something more tropical too! Gorgeous!

Food Pairing- perfect on its own but creamy goat’s cheese is a winner here.

What difference does using a wild yeast make?
Well, most wines are fermented with yeast bought from specialist suppliers. They use these cultured yeasts because they are much more predictable when fermenting than wild yeasts. Wild yeasts are present in the atmosphere of the winery and the fermentation of the juice occurs naturally. Wild yeasts, while unpredictable, give a much more intense and complex flavour to the wine.

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