Domaine Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cru, ‘Cote de Lechet’


A step up from the regular Chablis, this Premier Cru is richer and more intense than its more generic Chablis counterpart. There is a minimum potential alcohol requirement, which basically means the sugars have to ripen more so you get a more concentrated wine that will age better. This wine is more full bodied and the flavours are just that bit more intense. Some of the initial fruit notes become a bit more candied (lemon curd rather than fresh lemon) and there is a creamier finish.

Food Pairing – the extra weight behind this wine will mean it will stand up to creamier sauces or heartier chicken dishes. Pork chops with a mushroom sauce works equally well.

What does Premier Cru mean?
Just to make things difficult, every region in France has its own different classification system. In Burgundy it is the vineyard, that is classified not the winemaker, like in Bordeaux. So, you often see many winemakers owning vines in the same vineyard. Premier Cru is a step up in quality from the regular Appellation, in this case regular Chablis. Then there is a step up after Premier Cru called Grand Cru (about 2% of the total area). As you go up the scale there are different regulations, it’s mainly boring stuff like minimum alcohol percentage and yields but all the wines have to be tasted blind each year to make sure they’re up to scratch!

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