Domaine Bernard Defaix Chablis


A real classic. Chablis is probably France’s most famous white wine and Sylvain Defaix makes a very traditional style. Predominantly aged in stainless steel, a minimal amount of old oak is used to add weight and richness but clean fruit flavours are the name of the game here. A little muted on the nose but that’s to be expected as this wine is all about the palate. Where we have clean, fresh lemon, zesty grapefruit, quince and white flowers followed by a flintier mid-palate with a rich finish.

Food pairing – classically paired with white fish and seafood but is drunk locally with creamy cheeses and Andouillette (a particularly pungent French sausage).

What is a mid-palate?
This is just a fancy way of saying the middle thing you taste. Initially, with most wines, the first thing you taste is the fruit followed by something caused by the fermentation like butter or toast, then you get the finish. It just sounds better than ‘the thing you taste after the first thing you taste’!

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