Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair Moulin-à-Vent Les Vielles Vignes


Beaujolais is just to the south of Burgundy and produces wines of similar style to the Pinots further north but made from the Gamay grape. Top Beaujolais has never been able to command the prices that even mediocre Burgundy can which has always bemused us. Whilst there is no legal definition of ‘Old Vine’, this 100% Gamay wine comes from 60-100 year old vines, so it certainly qualifies! Thibault Liger-Belair is based in Nuits Saint Georges, and also owns vines in Richebourg and Clos Vougeot, where some of the priciest wine in the world comes from. Like top pinot noir this red is silky smooth and medium bodied. Having spent a significant amount of time in oak barrels the tannins have been smoothed out and the red fruit is more prominent. If the label said Burgundy instead of Beaujolais it would be double the price!

Food Pairing – Steak Frites and Coq au Vin. Also works with heartier white meat dishes such as Tarragon Chicken and Pork with a mushroom sauce. If you want to go a little left field, try it with Seared Tuna.

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