Jérôme Prévost La Closerie


A beautiful small growers’ champagne that has been a firm favourite of ours since we first tried it! A real rarity in the fact that it is around 98% Pinot Meunier and 2% Pinot Gris. Normally we hear all about Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but Jérôme Prévost has some very old Pinot Meunier vines and he really makes them shine in this non-vintage champagne. This is a very rich champagne with a complex citrus, candied apricot and nutty finish. This wine is our Director’s favourite champagne!

Food Pairing – amazing on its own but can really be enhanced with food. Go with shellfish, prawns and white fish, or anything with a buttery sauce really! For an intriguing pairing try popcorn or shortbread.

What is non-vintage champagne?
Most wines have a year on the bottle, don’t they? Champagne is one of the most northerly regions for winemaking so it’s basically the coldest region that wine can be made. As a result, each year the climate is temperamental so instead of making one wine a year, winemakers in champagne keep a certain percentage of the wine in reserve. They then blend this reserve wine with the current year’s crop so it becomes a blend of different years. It should really be called multi-vintage rather than non-vintage!

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