Mauricio Lorca Fantasia Sauvignon Blanc


A very aromatic white wine (aromatic basically means it’s got a strong smell but sounds fancier and ‘very smelly’ doesn’t sound so appealing) with lots of pink grapefruit, gooseberry and nettle. Very lively on the palate with a refreshing acidity.

Food Pairing – that extra herbaceousness means this Sauvignon Blanc pairs very well with seafood salads, asparagus, green peas, green peppers and white meat or oily fish with herbs.

What’s All This Talk of Acid?
We don’t tend to talk about the acidity of wines a lot on the tasting notes on MWC because it can be quite confusing. Acid is a key component in wine along with sweetness, alcohol, tannin, body, flavour and finish but is often misunderstood. All the great wines of the world from Burgundy, Bordeaux and Barolo to Aussie Chardonnay and Argentinian Malbec have high acidity. There is often a confusion between high acidity and acidic. None of the wines on MWC are acidic but their high acidity is balanced either by intensity of flavour or sweetness. We’re still trying to work it out ourselves but what we’re trying to say is don’t be put off by a wine just because it’s described as having a ‘searing acidity’

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