myWINEcellar Exton Park Mixed Case (6)


Explore Exton Park’s Reserve blend collection with this handy 6 bottle case. Featuring two bottles each of their RB Brut, RB Rosé and RB Blanc de Noir.

Founded in 2011, Exton Park are turning the world of English Sparkling wine on its head.

Traditionally, Non-Vintage wines are made up of 80% of wine from that particular year and 20% from reserve wines from previous years. This is so that the winemakers can mix these wines to create a consistent ‘style’. But the folks at Exton Park do things a little differently, they do it the other way around! They use 80% reserve wines and 20% from the current vintage. Why? Because the wine is so much more complex this way round!

If most wines in the blend are from previous years, they’re that little bit older, a lot more complex and considerably tastier!

This case contains 6 x 750ml bottles.

Exton Park RB32 Brut × 2

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Exton Park RB28 Blanc de Noirs × 2

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Exton Park RB23 Rosé × 2

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