Syrah ‘Laissez Faire’, Great Southern, Larry Cherubino


You’ll notice this wine is called ‘syrah’ rather than ‘shiraz’. Whilst they’re the same grape they tend to indicate a different style. Shiraz is the new-world style, its bigger, bolder, the tannins are grippier and fruit flavours are more baked. Syrah is the old-world style, famously from the Rhone Valley in France. You see producers describe it as ‘elegant’ and refined’ which basically means the tannins are smoother and the flavours more subtle. This has a beautiful delicate black cherry note and I know it sounds odd but a flinty finish with very smooth tannins. As the name suggests, no additional acids, enzymes or yeasts were added during vinification. There is zero sulphur used throughout the fermentation process.

Food Pairing – roasted game, barbecued chicken or hard cheese like Gouda.

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